The Art of Yoga - Artist Dawn Crothers

I am an artist who adores painting nature and all things mysterious and magical. I mainly paint in Oils paints, but I do use watercolours and sketch daily in charcoal.  I am drawn to all sorts of animals, seasonal trees and creating scenes from real life and my imagination. Mostly I am known for my quirky paintings of snails and have been painting these little creatures for over 12 years now.  I use a multiple l of colour combinations creating my snails and a method of swirling around a variety of colours, tones and textures. Making the snails shell totally unique each time, then I combined this with facial features and antennas to create its character.

 Apart from working on my own craft as an artist my other passion is teaching art. Passing on my knowledge to others is so important to me. Besides all the obvious positives art can bring, such as having something beautiful to decorate a room. Art engagement also helps to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress. I feel the benefits daily, of being truly absorbed in my studio for hours.

This box contains a Ltd edition mini print of my “Namaste Snail” painted by myself during the time of our ‘Art of Yoga’ project. I felt inspired to paint this piece as it projects a feeling of calm and gives zen vibes, which is what this gift experience is all about. Inside your box you will also find a step by step guide, on how to create your own Sun and Moon picture.

Your Sun and Moon piece of art is taking inspiration from my own style by using a circular shaped board especially cut and supplied in the kit. We will be blending watercolours to create a fluid mixture of colour and tone. Please follow my step by step instructions to create your very own masterpiece, all the materials you need are provided. If you’ve always wanted to take time to learn more about art and painting let this be your stimulation to get started.